Marketing is no longer about what you say, but what you do. How you behave. The choices you make.  The best brands have a story to tell and live that story well.  Believable stories built on core purpose and core truths.  

We meet with many businesses that can identify what they do and how they do it, but not ‘why’ they do it. And because they can’t explain the ‘why’ they can’t explain why others might care about their brand or business. 

Wünderbrand aims to help people and businesses understand their ‘why’ so that they can move forward with clarity and purpose. 

With current cultural and strategic shifts, we believe the modern advantage lies with small teams, collaboratively crafting businesses and brands their way.


How we work

We work with a lot of solo operators, small teams and creative types who have decided to live their dream, not somebody else’s.  They have big ideas and relentless energy.

As much as they love working autonomously, they can feel overwhelmed and bombarded. They sometimes lack clarity and focus, buffeted by bouts of self-doubt and loneliness.

Wünderbrand was born to help overcome these stumbling blocks and help solo operators and small teams do things they couldn’t do alone. Our philosophy is pretty simple: surround you with people who are exemplary in what they do and help you to divine direction and insight from that experience.

Because building something together is much more rewarding and powerful than trying to build it alone


Through creative workshops and resources we’ll guide you to define your purpose, connect with your tribe, master the art of social media and communications, as well as look after yourself and your business.